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Pragyan™ : Water Quality Testing & Advisory

Water Quality Testing: Book for only those parameters that you need to be tested

Water Quality Testing: Book for only those parameters that you need to be tested

Basic Water Quality Testing Package

Basic Water Quality Testing Package - 18 Parameters (Peoples Water Quality Laboratory)

Basic Water Quality Testing Package :NABL Accredited Laboratory Partner

Basic Water Quality Testing Package :NABL accredited laboratory partner

Basic Wastewater Quality Testing Package :NABL Accredited Laboratory Partner

Basic Wastewater quality testing package: NABL laboratory partner

Water Quality Testing and Advisory for Appropriate Filter or Purification

Are you a Household owner/ Apartment owner/ Resident Welfare Association
/ Commercial space owner/ Industry Manager or Owner based in Lucknow,
Kanpur, Agra, Barabanki, Unnao districts responsible to ensure safe water supply in your premises to people for drinking and cooking ?

The Problem

Everyone knows, drinking and consuming Safe Water is the first requisite for good health . So when any health problem arises, what do we do? We go to a best doctor who advises us to go for certain blood tests to diagnose the suspected disease and causal factors in the blood test. Based on your blood test report, the doctor advises you certain medicines and dosages of it. The medicine will target the the disease causing parameters to improve without affecting an adverse impact on other parameters of blood with an appropriate dosages. This is a normal protocol of health care services.
However, when you suspect water quality is an issue in your water supply, what do you do.
Without getting your water tested for water quality, you go for selection of a filter or filtration assembly based on market outreach and your affordability levels. In most cases , it may be an expensive Reverse Osmosis filter that is not even required and that robs your water of essential minerals required for good health besides a few contaminants that are needed to be removed. More outrageous is the fact that it wastes about 60% to 70% water as effluent rich with contaminants and minerals that are taken out.

Should it not happen like in health care services, that once we suspect our water quality, we get the water tested in a laboratory and based on parameters that are beyond permissible limit as per Indian Standard for drinking water , a qualified advisor or expert, advises you the most cost effective filter or filtration process to treat the abnormal parameters of water quality without robbing water of its essential minerals or salts.
Peoples WASH solution LLP is here to change this scenario forever, through its end-to-end service approach that works at click of a button by you.


Our Services (Pragyan™)

Pragyan is a hindi word for wisdom

Our Pragyan™  model of providing you services related to testing of your water quality/ wastewater quality and then providing you appropriate solution for water filtration or waste water treatment is based on identifying the contamination levels and awareness about it and then selection of appropriate low cost filter to remove those contaminants to ensure that you get safe water year round for good health of your family .

Do you want Wastewater Testing and advisory for appropriate filter or purification ?

Then read on, this section is for you.

Are you an individual or institution based in Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Barabanki, Unnao districts & responsible to compliance the regulation related to treatment of wastewater testing and then bringing the treated water quality within the current environmental standards before discharging the same in water bodies, land or reusing for certain purposes?

When waste water is needed to be treated, how do you design it. Mostly adhoc decisions are made based on recommendations from promotors of different technologies about the treatment module for the wastewater. The result is that the treated waste water is either too costly, or do not work in long run.

Similarly, when the contaminated or waste water is needed some sort of treatment, should be not first test the wastewater quality in a laboratory and based on test results , design its appropriate and low cost treatment.

Peoples WASH solution LLP also provide wastewater quality services through our NABL accredited Laboratory Partner based in Lucknow at the most competitive price in Uttar Pradesh.