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Pranjal™ : Rainwater Harvesting

Are you a Household owner/ Apartment owner/ Resident Welfare Association / Commercial space owner/ Industry Manager or Owner.

If your answer is yes, and if you want to contribute to the water security of your city/town and also undertake compliance of government regulation for roof top rain water harvesting in cities and towns in Uttar Pradesh, India, we are there to help you in planning, designing, implementation and after care  of your roof top rain water harvesting system that helps in reducing your ground water footprints, enhance your water storage capacity and  enhance climate change resilience to urban droughts.

Our model for roof top rain water harvesting is called PranjalTM for being simple and cost effective. It is designed for  catching the water from all the roof areas of the buildings in urban areas and storing it in best possible manner for your use in any or many of the water consumption activities in your premises reducing your dependence on ground water to the extent it is replaced by rainwater collected.

For the regulatory compliance on Roof Top Rain Water harvesting, it is mandatory to install roof top rain water harvesting in all new buildings in urban areas, all old and new government buildings , all buildings having roof area more than 200 square meter.

Our services for rain water harvesting are available for  Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Barabanki, Unnao districts. 

In our services, we adopt an overall approach of  value for money for our esteemed customers while ensuring the technically best solution for their different needs to be fullfilled through our PranjalTM Model of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting.

So, what are you waiting for as a concerned citize ready to play a part in ensuring your household/ institutional water security ?

Here is our list of services for the life cycle approach of planning, designing, installation and annual maintainence of your installed roof top rain water harvesting system. Come and join us for an exciting journey of roof top rain water harvesting in your buildings and premises with complete technical support and installation ( optional) and Annual Maintainence Contract ( Optional)  from us.

For more information reach out to us at or Whatsapp us at +91 8953255222

Rain Bank and Annual Rain Catcher Award by Peoples WASH Solution LLP

Each of the individual and institution that receives our services for roof top rain water harvesting will become eligible for free membership of digital Rain Bank being run by the Peoples WASH Solution LLP for promotion of roof top rain water harvesting and use of rain water for different purposes in their premises and sharing the learnings with all other members. The purpose of the rain bank is to measure the amount of rain water collected and used by each of the member of the rain bank annually for the members to know how much rain water they have collected and used ( and therefore saved that much amount of ground water). The 5 top rain catchers of the year ( January to December) from Rain Bank will be awarded each year with Annual Rain Catcher Award being set up by Peoples WASH Solution LLP . The first round of awards will be declared on  22nd March, 2025 on the occasion of World Water Day 2025.
Tanks Types that can be used for storage of roof top rain water and its reuse
1.) Ferrocement Tanks to be constructed on site
2.) RCC Tank
3.) Moduler Rain Water Harvesting Tanks
4.) PVC Water Collection Tanks