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Peoples WASH Solution LLP

Saaf Hawa™ : Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Are you a Household owner/ Apartment owner/ Resident Welfare Association / Commercial space owner/ Industry Manager or Owner. If your answer is yes, and if you want to get your indoor air quality parameter tested and a plan to treat the indoor air using customised indoor plants by us to bring your indoor air quality parameters within the safe limits , you can now do it by booking our services under Saaf Hawa™.

Our model for assessment of indoor air quality in urban areas is called Saaf Hawa TM for being nature based , simple and cost effective. It provides for counteraction pollutants, natural humdifiers, enhances mental well being, reduces the risks of illness, sustainable, climate resilent and eco friendly option.
It is designed for assessing the indoor air quality on 6 key indoor air quality parameters (CO2, CO, HCHO, TVC, SPM 2.5, SPM10 ) in indoor premises of your buildings and offices in urban areas and giving you a customised solutions for different varieties of indoor plants that help you to address the key pollution parameters of concern and bring them within safe limits as per existing standards. 

We do not only provide you the solution to keep your air safe through indoor plants but also provide option to keep these plants serviced through monthly visit of our experts to check the air quality , make adjustments to type and quantity of indoor plants , sprucing and maintaining the existing plants at a very nominal cost for a seamless air purification services throughout the year.
We are giving you a low cost option to keep your indoor air clean with a life cycle approach and end to end services. We are also conscious that these indoor plants are installed in such a way so that it is safe for your pets and children

Additionally, we customise the solution to make then Vastu Compliant to make your surrounding pleasing, aesthetic and peaceful with poistive energy from plants.
Our Saaf HawaTM services for indoor air quality improvement are available for  Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Barabanki, Unnao currently and  later plan to expand to other locations in  Uttar Pradesh.

In our services, we adopt an overall approach of  value for money for our esteemed customers while ensuring the technically best solution for their different needs to be fullfilled through our Saaf HawaTM  Model of indoor air purification that is climate resilent ( it doesn’t usage any energy or hight cost air purifiers equipments) , give a great ambience and aesthitics with indoor plants, measured improvements for you to look at indoor air quality , vaastu compliant and company of living plants as your best friends in your homes/ offices and workplace.

So, what are you waiting for as a concerned citizen,  ready to play a part in ensuring your household/ work place  safe air quality ?

Here is our list of services for the life cycle approach of planning, designing, installation and annual maintainence of your indoor air purification model. Come and join us for an exciting journey of indoor air purification  in your buildings and premises with complete technical support and installation  (optional) and Annual Maintainence Contract (optional)  from us.


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