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HappyTap Pre Fab Hand Washing Stations

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Peoples WASH Solutions LLP (PWS) is a distributor of HappyTap’s Next Generation portable 
handwashing stations for the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, and Chattisgarh in India. PWS is also a technical partner of HappyTap Hygiene Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for supporting their outreach in India. We can help you to create a new normal of safe hand washing with soap where these are needed.

Since 2022, our organization has successfully partnered with and delivered these stations to our prestigious clients like Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and Partnering Hope Into Action (PHIA) for installation in various institutions, including primary schools, anganwadi centers, primary health care centers, and vaccination centers. Our aim has been to establish a new normal in the field of handwashing.
These installations have happened successfully in remote rural locations with sessions on behavioral change for safe handwashing with soap for improved health benefits. The stations and sessions have been received with a lot of enthusiasm and love everywhere.

In 2022, a hand hygiene hackathon at the national level was organized in collaboration with the India Sanitation Coalition at FICCI, UNICEF India, and technical partner WASH Solutions. During the event, the Happy Tap Next Generation Portable Hand Washing Station received the special mention award. As a result of the award, Happy Tap Hand Hygiene Solutions Pvt. Ltd. installed eight next-generation portable hand washing stations in primary school, Anganwadi center, and library of the Rajpur Gram Panchayat in the Hathras district to show case creation of new normal of safe hand washing with soap coupled with an orientation session. The objective of this initiative was to promote and establish a new normal for hand hygiene practices in the community.

Please find below the link of Case story videos of this competition.



HappyTap Handwashing Station & Height Adjustable Stand –

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Product Overview:

Improved for India, the HappyTap features:

  • Minimal touch tap handle reduces cross-contamination.
  • Low-flow tap consumes 80% less water than a regular tap and allows up to 60 handwashes with a 15-liter tank.
  • Large basin reduces spills and helps keep the surroundings clean.
  • Easy to assemble and can be set up by anyone within minutes.


HappyTap Prefab Handwashing stations have been installed in offices, food stalls, playschools, hotels, government run Anganwadis, schools,health centres , vaccination centres and libraries by Peoples WASH Solution LLP in last 2 years. These units are showcasing the multiple context successful use of Happytap prefab Handwashing stations. HappyTap is creating a new normal for safe handwashing with soap and delivering a healthier , merrier world. People are vouching for the joyful experience of using these facilities where they have been installed. We invite you to be part of our change story with HappyTap.