Peoples WASH Solution LLP

Peoples WASH Solution LLP

Water Audit - Industry, Buildings, Irrigation

What gets measured gets managed

The world is facing chronic water risks with the demand-supply gap increasing at an alarming pace. The industry is an important stakeholder in water resource management and as a responsible member of the community, needs to be proactive in combating water risks.

Our objective, at Peoples WASH Solution LLP( PWS)  , is to facilitate the industry owners/ buildings owners and farmers  in their endeavor to achieve water efficiency through comprehensive water audits across different sectors. Water audits act as an instrument to identify areas of higher specific water use, assess wastewater pollutant load and determine techniques for mitigation through the application of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) principle. Through our water audit services, we have guided the industry in deciding feasible options on reducing water usage, minimizing wastewater generation, and maximizing recovery. PWS’s water audit provide greater water efficiency solutions and cost savings for meeting internal policies, complying with legal obligations or demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

The water audits follow a multi-staged approach in order to provide both short-term and long-term sustainable water management solutions. The Institute’s experienced teams include analytical, design and engineering experts to work through the audit process and examine solutions for better water management.

Major benefits of water audits across the industrial/ building and irrigation  sectors:

  • 15%-20% water savings
    possible through low-cost
    strategies with payback of 4 – 5 months
  • 30%-40% cost savings possible
    through low-medium cost strategies,
    with payback 12 – 18 months
  • 40%-50% cost saving possible
    through Wastewater recycling