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Peoples WASH Solution LLP

AWS ( Allinace for Water Stewardship) Standards Assessment and certification

Water Stewardship is defined as the use of water that is socially and culturally equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial, achieved through a stakeholder-inclusive process that includes both site- and catchment-based actions.

The AWS Standard offers a credible, globally-applicable framework for major water users to understand their own water use and impacts, and to work collaboratively and transparently with others for sustainable water management within the wider water catchment context. Implementers follow the steps and guidance in the AWS Standard to achieve good water stewardship practices that improve site water performance and contribute to wider sustainability goals.

The AWS Standard is built around five steps. Site owners implementing the Standard:

  1. Gather and understand water-related data
  2. Commit to water stewardship and create a water stewardship plan
  3. Implement their plan
  4. Evaluate their performance
  5. Communicate and disclose progress with stakeholders

Each step has a series of criteria and indicators. Following the steps and criteria will lead to improved performance in five areas:

  1. Improved water governance
  2. Sustainable water balance
  3. Good water quality
  4. Healthy status of important water-related areas
  5. Access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for all

Fulfilment of each criteria is evidenced by the related indicators. Sites making claims to good water stewardship are audited and certified as meeting the indicators by credible, third party assessors independent of AWS or the site owners.

PWS helps industry members in going through the process of AWS standards and certifications .

Indicative Fee for conducting water audit or Water Positive Studies or Zero Liquid Discharge studies or AWS standards Compliance and certifications

Site Area (sqm)

Certification fees

Audit fees

> 5000 sqm

Rs 1,50,000 + GST

Rs 1,00,000 + GST

5000 – 15000 sqm

Rs 1,50,000 + GST

Rs 1,50,000 + GST

15000 – 25000 sqm

Rs 1,50,000 + GST

Rs 2,00,000 + GST

25000 – 50000 sqm

Rs 1,50,000 + GST

Rs 2,50,000 + GST

< 50000 sqm

Rs 1,50,000 + GST

Rs 3,00,000 + GST

Fee is exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
Logistics arrangement for two PWS experts shall be as actuals and to be borne by the client with travel by air/equivalent and accommodation in a 3 star hotel/equivalent.


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